Unibet Owners Payout

Register your horse or greyhound with Unibet and if you place a winning bet on your runner, you’ll get an additional 15% on your winnings, up to $3,000.

To take advantage of this popular offer, please call 13 PUNT (7868) to register your runners.  You can register as many horses / greyhounds as you have ownership in.

How it works:

  1. Ensure you have a Unibet account
  2. Register your runner with Unibet
  3. Place a bet with Unibet on your runner
  4. If your runner wins you’ll get an additional 15% on your winnings, up to $3,000


Contact Us to Register Your Runner
Terms and Conditions
  • This promotion is not part of the standard Unibet product and is therefore only available to eligible Unibet customers located within Australia and New Zealand.
  • You must be able to submit and prove official registered ownership of the runner to be eligible for the Bonus.
  • Your horse/ greyhound must be registered with Unibet before commencement of a race.
  • Available only on WIN bets.
  • Unibet’s general Terms and Conditions apply, which are available here: https://www.unibet.com.au/general-info/terms