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Get high quality tips & previews from our expert analyst Adam Curkpatrick on key metro meetings every Wednesday & Saturday. 

The Live Yard

Make a better bet with this the ultimate form confirmation tool (available 2-6 min pre jump). If you’re not using it, you’re not doing it right!

> Understand how your favoured runners have presented in the mounting yard.

> Uncover ready-to-go roughies with tips from the experts that ignore market bias.

> Compare horses with ease and access last start data using progress scores.

How the scoring works:

Scoring Range Colour Description
0-54 Red A rating in this range indicates the horse's presentation or behaviour will likely hinder performance.
55-74 Orange A rating in this range is neutral. Refer to individual runner comments and weight to form as the main performance indicator.
75-100 Green A rating in this range indicates optimal performance. The horse is expected to run to or possibly exceed form indicators.
+ Glossary (Click to Expand)

Term Definition Category
Agitated Not compliant with strapper, uncomfortable, not concentrating and expending energy. Unlikely to run to peak performance. Minor negative in sprinters becoming major stepping up in trip. Behavioural
Beast Powerful presence and is big, strong and fit. Major positive on firmer footing or soft range at worst. Be wary on heavy but this query can be offset with fitness and class. Fitness
Coat Glowing Shiny coat is visible which is a positive indicator of health and happiness. Positive. Health
Coat has improvement to come Coat is still wooly, dull or patchy. Not yet at peak health and still has improvement to come. Minor negative. Health
Coat Turned Coat has regressed. May be due to a change of season or declining health and could be due for a spell. Negative. Health
Come back well Healthy, bright and ready to go. Everything appears to have gone well leading into this prep based on previous viewing. Positive. Health
Composed Relaxed, alert and unfazed by anything. At its peak mentally and physically. Positive and typically used when analysing older horses. Behavioural
Cracking Type Refers to anatomical make up. Built to perfection and takes the eye. Major positive. Fitness
Dappled Coat Presenting dapples throughout the coat (i.e. checkered pattern). The ultimate indicator of supreme health and a major positive. Health
Displays key negatives Presenting a combination of important negative behavioural traits e.g. getting warm, touch keen and messy. Be very wary. Major negative. Behavioural
Displays minor behavioural negatives Displaying one or a combination of negative behavioural traits, noted over time. E.g. Tail, frothing, ears flat, scours, kidney sweat, arousal. Minor negative. Behavioural
Distance suit horse confirmation The physical make up of the runner is suited to the distance. Minor positive. Fitness
Doing everything right No knocks on this horse and parading well. Should run true to form. Minor positive. Behavioural
Double handlers Being restrained by two handlers, overstimulated, wound up and expending energy. May run below expectations. Negative. Behavioural
Double handlers but not anxious The stable may know this horse can be hard to handle and is therefore using two handlers. It is parading fine and this is a neutral comment. Note that if the horse goes to a single handler next start that this is a positive. Behavioural
Dull coat Coat is dirty and lacks gloss and gleam. Minor negative and horse is not expected to run at its peak. Health
Fit Race-ready and displaying definite muscle definition. This is a positive confirmation and the horse should run true to form. Fitness
Fit but coat has improvement to come Coat has not quite come through or may have grown out but displays good muscle and condition. More common in horses from colder regions to counter the climate, however it could hide a lack of condition or indicate a health issue. Neutral. Fitness & Health
Fitness progressing well this prep Improving each time it comes to races. Most likely not yet at its peak but should see an improved performance from last start. Positive. Fitness
Focused Concentrating on the task at hand. Mentally ready and doesn't react to distractions. Indicates the horse is ready to race. Positive. Behavioural
Forward Displaying good muscle condition and has clearly done the lead up work. Generally used as a first up comment and can be used to allay any queries resuming. Positive. Fitness
Free Striding Stride is loose with a fluent action i.e. relaxed and not tight or sore. Generally indicates the horse is ready to go. Positive. Fitness
Getting a little warm Visible flank and belly sweat which may indicate either a fitness concern, slight anxiety or just a change of conditions. Negative but can be neutralised if it is common throughout the parade. Behavioural
Gone Backwards Paraded well last start but has presented poorly today in any or all of the categories of condition, coat, behaviour. Major negative and may indicate the need for a spell or freshen up. Health & Fitness
Holding Condition Maintaining similar fitness, muscle definition and weight. Typically used more to analyse females, it is expected to run to a similar standard as last start. Neutral. Fitness
Holding Fitness Maintaining similar fitness, muscle definition and weight to last start. Typically describing females, it is expected to run to a similar standard as last start. Neutral. Fitness
Hot Dripping sweat across belly, flanks and between legs. Not handling conditions, worked up and on the verge of falling apart. Major negative. Fitness & Behavioural
Improved between runs Fitness and/or behaviour has improved since last start and performance is expected to reflect this. Positive. Fitness & Health
Improvement to come Not yet at peak fitness and can be carrying a bit of extra weight or coat hasn't quite come through. Neutral. Fitness & Health
Keen Fidgety, unfocused, displaying head movement and edgy. Possible sweating and starting to fall apart. Minor negative in sprinters but becomes major as stepping up in trip. Behavioural
Looks fantastic in the coat Coat is healthy, glistening and glowing, indicating great health. Major positive. Health
Lovely Walk Walk took the eye with a fluent overstep, looseness and no stiffness. Ready to go. Positive. Fitness
Maintaining Well No knocks, holding condition and remains fit and healthy. This is a confirmation comment and should run similarly to last start. Neutral Fitness
Messy Parading very poorly. Raring, jumping around and distracted. Major negative. Behavioural
Moving Well Walk took the eye with a fluent overstep, no sideways movement and no keenness. Ready to go. Positive. Fitness
No improvement Hasn't improved from last parade when it was expected to. Minor negative. All
Not Fit Not presenting in race ready condition in reference to fitness and weight. Expectation is that it will run below standard. Major negative. Fitness
Not in this league Doesn't present anywhere near as well as the other runners in the parade and is out of its depth. Major negative. All
Outstanding Everything is in perfect order including parade behaviour, health, fitness and race suitability. Major positive. All
Outstanding type Refers to anatomical make up. This horse is built very well and takes the eye. Major positive. Fitness
Owns the yard Displaying complete confidence over the rest of the field and has a real presence within the yard. Major positive. Fitness & Behavioural
Peak Condition This horse's fitness is at its absolute peak and is expected to perform at the top of its ability. Major positive Fitness
Picture Of Health This horse is holding good condition, coat is glistening and eyes are bright. Positive. Fitness & Health
Playing Up Horse is parading very poorly: Raring, jumping around and not concentrating. Major negative unless typical for the horse. Behavioural
Positive Parade Doing everything right and has no knocks. Minor positive and horse should run true to form. All
Primed for this Fit and ready to go. Used to describe horses first-up or in a target race. Positive comment which can be used to separate hard to split horses. Fitness
Professional Well-educated, ready to go and knows what it's there for. Positive and generally used to describe younger horses (i.e. 2YOs) who may still have a bit to learn. Behavioural
Relaxed Calm with its head down at 45o, no aggression, anxiety or edginess. Minor positive at shorter distances but becomes more significant for middle distance and stayers. Behavioural
Stepping Out Well Displaying positives in its stride in terms of overstep, fluency and length. Should handle all conditions and is particularly advantaged on heavy going. Fitness
Touch Keen Slightly fidgety in both its head movement and walk. Minor negative for sprinters but becomes more problematic stepping up in trip. Behavioural
Trained to the minute Fitness is at its absolute peak and should perform to the best of its ability. Fitness
Unsettled Clearly not enjoying raceday and its surrounding environment. Expending energy and not responding to the strapper or jockey. Major negative. Behavioural
Up on the tow Prancing around the yard and walking on tippy toes. Minor negative for sprinters however it becomes a major negative stepping out in trip. Behavioural
Fit Race-ready and displaying definite muscle definition. This is a positive confirmation and the horse should run true to form. Fitness
Very Fit Displaying muscle definition everywhere, hardened and ready to go. Major positive and particularly adventageous on heavy tracks. Fitness
Warm Displaying noticeable sweat across its belly, flanks and between legs. Major negative. Behavioural
Wound Up Bright, alert and primed for the race. Generally used to describe first-up horses that are ready to go. Positive. Fitness & Health



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