Asian Handicap

Originating in Indonesia, the Asian Handicap is now the most popular bet type around the globe. It offers you more freedom in betting, providing a wider range of odds to choose from.

How does the Asian Handicap work?

We set a range of handicaps for a football fixture, each with different odds. You bet on the team you think will win after its handicap has been applied. If your team is likely to win (has low odds), you can bet at higher odds by going for a negative handicap. Essentially, instead of betting on whether your team will win, you're betting on how many goals they'll win by.

The Asian Handicap eliminates the possibility of a draw when the handicap value is not a whole number. If you pick a whole number handicap and the game ends in a draw after the handicap is applied, then the amount you wagered will be refunded.

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