How a 4-leg NBA multi landed $108K

March 8, 2017

This week's Unibet Punter of the Week, T. N., showed his expertise with a gutsy 4-leg Multi on NBA, all Handicap bets on the 1st half. Let's have a closer look how this bet evolved:

  1. Washington Wizards -4.5 at 1st Half at Toronto Raptors v Washington Wizards @ $3.60
    Result: 46-62 (Won)
  2. Houston Rockets -5.5 at 1st Half at Los Angeles Clippers v Houston Rockets @ $3.40
    Result: 58-70 (Won)
  3. Denver Nuggets -5.5 at 1st Half at Milwaukee Bucks v Denver Nuggets @ $3.50
    Result: 37-63 (Won)
  4. Indiana Pacers -0.5 at 1st Half at San Antonio Spurs v Indiana Pacers @ $3.60
    Result: 47-49 (Won) 
    Total odds: $154.20

The first three legs seemed to finish quite comfortably, but the Pacers leg must've kept T.N. at the edge of his seat until second quarter ended. Nevertheless, also the Pacers managed to lead succesfully, converting a $700 stake to a whopping $107,940!


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