Punter turns $20 into $1200 with an easy First 4

January 7, 2018

Our Punter of the Week is RM, from Victoria, who turned a ‘lobster’ ($20 note) into almost $1200 after striking a winning exotic bet at Gawler greyhounds on Tuesday afternoon.

Boxing the first four runners in the market (the only selections under $21 in the race) and applying a unit stake of 83 per bet (for a total investment of $19.92) our punter would have been delighted to see those four cross the line first, with Croydon Boys powering through a split in the back straight to score an emphatic four-length win.

With the final dividend settling at a healthy $1416.50, our client found himself $1175 in the black for his efforts and with plenty of time to play on that afternoon.

Nice work RM!