Unibet punter collects $164K with US elections

November 16, 2016

Although Hillary Clinton remained top favourite from the start to become the next US President, backers of outsider Donald Trump were rewarded generously for their bold decision to bet against the odds.

One Unibet punter in particular benefited greatly from Trump's win on Wednesday, taking home no less than $164,485. Over the course of four days he placed 49 bets, stakes ranging from $785 to $1,100 with odds ranging from $3.00 to $5.00. Adding up to almost $41K in total.

The punter remained confident in a Republican victory and persistently increased his total stake over these days. His intuition eventually paid off in a net win of a staggering $124K! For him clearly, luck was no coincidence - congratulations!


On June 2015 Donald Trump started off on $51.00 to win the presidential election. Do you think you can predict the next US president?


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