Winter Olympics Betting — How to bet on curling

January 12, 2018

Curling is one of the iconic sports of the Winter Olympics and this year is no different, with three golds medals up for grabs in South Korea.

And for Winter Olympics betting fans, Curling is one of the best sports to get behind when seeking top tips for your bets.

That’s because Curling, unlike cross country skiing or bobsleigh, needs little insider knowledge to understand the intricacies of the sport.

If you’ve seen bowls on TV before you’ve know each end of a Curling match is completely unique and different from the last. And that makes in-play betting at the Winter Olympics especially entertaining.

Betting on Curling

There are three Winter Olympics Curling disciplines to bet on this year. They are:

  • Men’s
  • Women’s
  • Mixed Doubles

Both the men’s and women’s Curling events start on 14 February and run until 25 February. But the Mixed Doubles starts and finishes before that, in order to whet the appetite for what is to come.

This is the inaugural Olympics for the Mixed Doubles and is a great way for those unfamiliar with Curling to get used to the action before the team events start later in the Games.

How Curling works

In curling — be it team or mixed doubles — the aim is to score points across ten ‘ends’ by placing your stones as close to the centre target as possible. Like bowls, the opposition team can knock your stones out of the way to try and muscle in on that centre spot. The winner of each end is determined on whoever has a stone closest to the centre target. If you have three of the closest stones, you score three points.

You’ll often wonder why in curling they brush the ice with brooms. Sweeping is used mainly to reduce friction on the ice, so the stone moves more freely towards the target. It can also be used to reduce the curl of a stone set in motion.

Curling best bets

Canada are the automatic top choice when betting on Curling. Canada’s men’s team have won gold in each of the last three Winter Olympics. Their women’s team won gold for the first time in Sochi four years ago.

Back Canada’s men at 9/10 with Unibet to win Curling gold. Sweden (5/2) are their closest rivals, while Switzerland (14/1) and Britain (16/1) are likely to battle it out for bronze.

Canada’s women are 19/20 to win gold, with Sweden at 15/4 and 2002 winners Britain at 11/2.

In the mixed doubles, Canada are also favourites at 11/10 to claim the first ever Olympics gold in this event. China, however, are a tip at 15/4, while Norway at 10/1 should not be ignored.

A €10 combination bet on Canada winning all three golds brings in potential profits of €77.

Bet on Curling