Bet on Joshua vs Klitschko – The Biggest fight in History!

April 26, 2017

The upcoming heavyweight title clash is dubbed as the biggest fight in boxing history, having an erratic combination of boxing styles & fire power. Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko is an absolute sell-out, having sold the most tickets to any fight in Wembley Stadium history. History has been made. Now it’s up to the fighters to give us what we’ve all been waiting for. We’ll look at each fighter in a little more detail to discover which bets you should be considering when betting on the Joshua vs Klitschko fight.

Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua is 27 years old, fought 18 times as a professional boxer and knocked every single one of them out. He’s known for his ultra-dangerous right hand hook and most of his opponents have no clue how to stop such a deadly force. Joshua hasn’t had his chin tested much in the past and we are yet to see what force it’s going to take to drop the 27 year old. The calm Anthony Joshua realizes the colossal task at hand, rating his challenger in the top five heavyweights of all time. “He’s not as easy to hit as my last opponents, it’s about being smart’. Klitschko is far more experienced though, having fought a total of 68 matches, winning 64 of them, 53 by knock-out. But Joshua is a different animal altogether. Nothing like Klitschko has ever experienced before. This is what Joshua had to say about Klitschko’s style. “"Klitschko is very dominant at putting people on their back foot, on the edge of the ring. Even with Tyson Fury, a bigger and taller man, he had him moving.”

Anthony Joshua is the clear favourite to defend his title, with odds currently priced at 1.40. The Londoner likes to end the show early, however, he’ll have to find a way to land a couple of hits, as the Ukrainian is a very tight fighter and is always very cagey, making it very hard to land a decent shot. Boxing betting fans are expecting (and hoping) that the fight will go past six rounds, making it one to remember. However, we’ve all seen what Joshua’s right hand is capable of and one mistake can be detrimental to the outcome of the bout. Under 3.5 rounds is currently priced at 5.00 while a tenner on Joshua to win by KO, TKO or DQ will potentially return £16.70.

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Wladimir Klitschko

Klitschko needs to introduction. The man is a legend and was undefeated for 22 years before his most recent loss to Tyson Fury two almost two years ago. The Ukrainian is now 41 years old and hasn’t fought in a year and a half. And once again, he’s facing someone he can’t punch down on and a boxer who matches his size. Klitschko has been in this position before, fighting for a world title and the upcoming fight will be the Ukrainians 29th, He also holds the record for the most title defences at 26, beating Joe Louis by one, although not consecutively as Louis did.

The 41 year old is the underdog as he steps into the ring, having odds of 3.00 to beat the unbeatable heavyweight champion.

If Klitschko is going to return back at the top of the heavyweight division at age 41, caution will be the key element. There’s no one who wants or can afford to get hit with one of Anthony Joshua’s punches, but inevitably, it’s going to happen. Klitschko needs to get back to basics by protecting and taking care of himself and capitalize on his Joshua’s mistakes. He has valuable experience that the youngster doesn’t. Klitschko has advantages in this fight, on paper. If he’s still got his heart in it, he’s going to be as dangerous as ever.

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